Bagni di Lucca has always been famous for its thermal springs, which in the history gave splendor to the Tuscan town. The small and ancient villages of Controneria and the extraordinary landscapes of Prato Fiorito are very characteristic, as well as the impressive canyon of the Orrido di Botri with its uncontaminated nature.

The thermal springs of Bagni di Lucca

Between the 700 and 800 these thermal springs were favorite destination of nobles, artists and wealthy of the time coming from all over Europe. Very strong is the mark left by tourists from the United Kingdom, who build an English cemetery counting numerous corpses and a church.
At the thermal springs of Bagni di Lucca, visitors may enjoy a wide range of therapeutic therapies, beauty and well-being treatments. Moreover, near the establishments there are structures that allow playing tennis, soccer, jogging and swimming (both in summer and winter thanks to the heated water from thermal springs).

La Natura

One of the features to be appreciated in staying in our hotel is surely the opportunity to relax both physically and mentally. It is possible to spend a day lying in a field listening to the awesome nature sounds or picking scented and colored flowers, or hiking and mountain biking along Cai’s paths, which climb the Apennines mountain to discover dews, highest peaks and pristine landscapes. In the right time and with a little bit of luck, there is also the delight to look for mushrooms or collect tasty fruits of undergrowth.
Another suggestive corner of nature worth of a visit is definitely the “Orrido di Botri”, a limestone canyon carved from the freezing waters of the river Rio Pelago, flowing below the peaks of the Apennines, which touch the peaks of 2000 mt. Along the canyon there is an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna for a truly experience beyond nature.
Orrido is open only in summer, thanks to guided tours organized by the Union of municipalities of Mediavalle del Serchio.
The Valley on which the village of Lugliano overlooks, is the Valley of Lima, a small river, known in the area thanks to the rough rapids that characterize it, which made it a great park to dabble with rafting or canoeing.
Versilia is the closest seaside resort and is about 1 hour drive.